Civil Disorder

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The intimidation of people and/or threat of property damage by an individual, subversive group or organization through non-violent demonstrations, wild and violent disorder and behavior (riot), uses of sabotage, kidnap and/or bomb threat (terrorism) due to moral issues, personal conscience or for political gain.


Civil disobedience, subversive activities, and acts of terrorism are difficult to predict and prevent. The stress of poor economic conditions and the general state of world affairs leads some people to think that the situation will never change or improve and believe that their short cut solutions to the normal rules of society appear to be the answer.

Key facilities and important business and government officials may be singled out for actual acts of terrorism. Maine has many vital facilities of industrial and military importance as well as hosting frequently visiting dignitaries worthy of terrorist aggression.


No subversive or terrorist action has been experienced within Poland.

Time of Year

Civil disorder activities of all degrees can occur at any time of the year.

Speed of Onset

Most riotous and terrorist activities occur without warning leaving the threatened no time for taking protective security measures.

Duration of Event

Aggressive activities may last from several minutes upwards to several days.

Area of Impact

Any vital facility, business or industrial resource, key officials or dignitaries are a potential target for any type of aggressive activity.


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