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A temporary overflow of water onto lands not normally covered by water and that are used or usable by man producing measurable property damage or destruction and forcing evacuation of people and vital resources.


Poland has the Little Androscoggin River flowing near the border with Minot. The town also has a substantial amount of area covered by Lakes, Ponds, and Brooks. Most of the land areas surrounding the water are not prone to flooding.


Other than washed out roads, and some minor mud slides there have been no incidents of major flooding in the town.

Time of Year

Flooding can occur during any part of the year in Poland. High Incidence of flooding occurs during the Spring because of snow melt, heavy Spring rains and ice jamming.

Speed of Onset

Flash flooding does not occur, unless there has been a dam breach. Flooding situation usually develops gradually with adequate time for warning and preparedness activities. The exception to this would be flooding produced by ice jamming.

Duration of Event

The average flooding event requires 24 to 72 hours to reach its maximum peak flow through runoff. Flood crest, (highest level of water), lasts several hours then quickly dissipates over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Area of Impact

This community borders on a river that has established flood plains. A flooding event would not impact the entire community, but only those structures, facilities, and resources within the established flood plain would be subject to damage and destruction


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