Structure Collapse or Bridge Collapse

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The loss of structural integrity of a building or bridge that results in significant personal injury, death, or imposing major economic loss.


Major buildings of significant size are present in the town of Poland. Bridges of significant size and importance are the two highway bridges over the Little Androscoggin River between Poland and Minot.


I was unable to determine or substantiate building collapse due to the nonexistence of records.

No records exist to identify loss of structural integrity to cause a bridge collapse.

Time of Year

Loss of structural integrity can occur at any time of the year. A greater likelihood of roof collapse may occur during snow months because of heavy snow loads.

A greater likelihood of bridge collapse may occur during periods of high volume usage.

Speed of Onset

Loss of structural integrity usually occurs gradually over a substantial amount of time. Actual collapse will occur spontaneously.

Duration of Event

The collapse is only a few seconds in duration but restoration could last from weeks to months.

Area of Impact

Building collapse will be localized to the immediate area of impact.

Bridge collapse will also be localized to the immediate area of impact, but its effects on transportation will be diffused.


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