Aviation Accident

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An accident involving a multi-passenger or cargo aircraft resulting in injuries, loss of life and destruction of private, business and industrial property when it impacts.


The Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport is located on the Lewiston Junction Road in Auburn, within a mile of the Poland town line. It is the only airport near Poland that is capable of handling multi-passenger or cargo aircraft. Other commercial airports are located in Minot, Oxford, and Turner. Several lakes and ponds are also used in Poland by seaplane or amphibious aircraft.

The Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport may soon have large cargo jets arriving and departing. The traffic patterns of these aircraft are substantially larger than the smaller aircraft that usually operate at the field. This will increase the risk of an accident occurring in Poland if the runways are expanded.


Only one airline accident occurred in Androscoggin County. This occurred in 1985 when a Bar Harbor Airlines Beech 99 crashed, killing all aboard. The crash site occurred within a mile of the Poland town line.

September 22, 1978- A Navy P-3 Orion (Military) exploded midair. Possible cause of the accident was originally believed to have been a midair collision, but was later determined to be material failure...possibly from a defective engine mount bolt or material failure of the wing due to overpressurization of the fuel tank. The aircraft was operating out of Brunswick NAS--there were 8 fatalities.

March 3, 1979- A Cessna stalled while flying low; the nose crashed straight down into trees- 2 fatalities.

Time of Year

An aviation accident can occur at any time of the year. Highest risk is presented during severe storms and periods of heavy fog.

Speed of Onset

An aviation accident occurs spontaneously leaving inadequate time for protective measures to be undertaken.

Duration of Event

The crash is but seconds in duration but the post-crash recovery and clean-up may require several hours to several days.

Area of Impact

Impact is limited to the crash path of the aircraft. The larger the aircraft and the faster its speed the greater the area impacted.


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